Kylenappy exposed

Pathetic diaper-fag KyleNappy feeding his need to expose himself as the freak he is, addicted to totally-soaked, ridiculously-thick diapers.  KyleNappy begs to be exposed as the diaper-worshiping emasculated slave that he is, desperately needing a real man to serve. I like the idea of loss of control, and being forced to wear and use diapers / baby clothes. Public humiliation and diaper bondage are really exciting to me. I like to layer lots of diapers to make thick, obvious diapers, then wear them all day until they are s­oaked. I have a massive diaper fetish. I love the feeling of thick diapers, the smell of stale piss, and the humiliation that goes along with it. A huge butt plug in a locking harness, topped with a thick, obvious diaper sounds like the start of a perfect day for me. Diapers are simply a massive part of who I am. I work a lot of hours ­at a job I genuinely love (and love to bitch about ;)- anytime I’m not working, it’s a safe bet that I’m in nice thick diapers. I’ve been ­fascinated with diapers since my earliest memories, and since I “got back into diapers” in my early teens, they have always been part of my identity.

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  1. Anonymous February 9, 2017

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