I am a pathetic LIAR FAG! My real name is David Wright. I live in Astoria, New York.

Please spread these pics around so everyone knows who I really am. I want my real name and info on the internet forever. I want my friends and family to find my pictures. Please punish this stupid faggot for lying.

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  1. CumDumpAndy (Andy Marks) 11 months ago

    me too.. 🙁

  2. Andy Robson 11 months ago

    Are you ready to receive your punishment for lying about your name?

    • Author
      David Wright 11 months ago

      Yes I am, please punish me!

      • Andy Robson 11 months ago

        Your sentence is that you will be further exposed by creating five naked photographs whose content will be determined by me, not you.

        Photo #1: During daylight, stand by an open window so that your cock and balls are visible though it. Your choice of window.
        Photo #2: Same window, same time, but facing the camera so that your ass is visible through the window.
        Photo #3: Take a photo of your erect cock with a ruler or tape measure held alongside it to clearly show its length.
        Photo #4: Jerk off into your hand. Photo of your hand, clearly showing your cum.
        Photo #5: Lick up the cum from your hand. Photo of your tongue running through the cum.

        Any photos that are out-of-focus or other ways imperfect will be rejected and will have to be repeated.

    • Anonymous 8 months ago

      this is jenniferann faggot, you are a piece of dog shit

  3. g 11 months ago

    Has David complied with his punishment yet?

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