For my little sister Maria

This post is dedicated to my little sister maria. She already knows what I am and what I did but im sure she does not know all of it.
Since I have a HUUUUGE crush on her I want her to see this post…. Kind of, im shaking cuz im so scared and horny. Just thinking about she seeing this made ma already cum.

This is my sexy little whore sister maria! I love to cum on her pretty little face! Do you like that you little whore? Do you like your brothers cum!?


I also came in your sexy little panties a looot!
How does it feel to know that you wore panties on which I came? Do you get wet? 😉


I crated a few images just for you! I hope you enjoy the messages:


if this post gets 10 replys I will share my sisters facebook account!

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  1. Sissy Kitty November 9, 2017
  2. faggotfredcumpig November 9, 2017
    • Sebastian Rübecamp November 9, 2017
  3. Kammy November 11, 2017
  4. Anonymous November 11, 2017
  5. Anonymous November 12, 2017
  6. Anonymous November 12, 2017
  7. Anonymous November 12, 2017
  8. Anonymous November 12, 2017
  9. Anonymous November 12, 2017
  10. Anonymous November 17, 2017

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