Marc Raymond Boussarie – out of the closet!


Marc Raymond Boussarie came to me BEGGING me to expose him for the filthy slut he is! This faggot tells me he’s in the closet… Not sure if I believe him or not, but I can tell you one thing.. after this exposure you’re out of closet Marc Raymond Boussarie.

This faggots dream is to show up all over google with the images so everyone knows how much cock sucking cum drinking faggot he really is! Don’t take my word for it… check the below convo I had with this faggot HAHAHAAH. Can’t wait for all his family and family to see this shit.

Someone really needs to go Marc Raymond Boussarie’s house with a video camera and fuck the shit out of his lil pussy then post it here for all to see. His contact info is below.

235 Blair drive
Jackson, WY 83001
310-741-9550 and 307-200-1756
FB is claudia Boussa
Pass Closetfaggot1
Videos of this faggot to come.
Price to remove this exposure is set at $1000 (in other words, it’s never coming down)


Very dominant straight alpha. Overlord of all faggots on this site. Very short tempered with dumb faggots. Don’t ask me to expose you unless you have something to for me $$

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  1. fag frocizio 4 weeks ago

    Exposed on my Twitter profile (

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