Thank You Master Ashton for guiding me to up date my Public Exposure Agreement.

Thank You Master Ashton for Your order to make a new Public Exposure Agreement

Thank You Master Ashton for telling me my place

Thank You Master Ashton for Your encouragement.

Thank You Master Ashton

mark kessler 5107343595 UP DATED PEA STORY  was created  as a Masturbation aid. Trained, brainwashed, and habit enhance. mark kessler 5107343595 craves complete and permanent exposure. Masturbation is used by mark kessler 5107343595 to sexualize exposure and to instill cravings of vulnerability by display. daily masturbation sessions using the EXPOSURES to edge and masturbate to help lessen the foolish and emasuculating feelings of being an EXPOSED LOSER.

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2 months ago

Perfect example of what all faggots should strive for.

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