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Slave sissy faggot available in Turin


I am – secretly – a very experienced transvestite sissy faggot from Turin, very open behind, very feminine, very slutty, completely passive.


I am looking for someone in the north west of Italy with whom to create a lasting and intense “femdom” relationship (also by signing a “slavery & chastity agreement”) and however really interested in doing the following:


1) domination of me


2) lead me on been exposed clearly world wide as a sissy faggot


2) take pictures and make videos of me


3) publish these pictures and videos on web to show everybody how slut am I!


4) force me to do a thousand terribly exciting and rewarding things until I become an object of pleasure.


Actually I’m not always in the condition to be Bellasignorina as I would like, since I lead an ordinary life (apparently) beyond reproach!! This double life is exciting and transgressive in itself, but it will become even more so when I finally become the property of someone who will know how to force me on coming out and shape me day after day and force me to do his bitch!!!


During the day (mainly during the week) Bellasignorina can only interact via email. Nevertheless, I would like to be guided, dominated and transformed into a real whore  under the clothes of an unsuspected “male life”.

In the evening instead (especially during the week) Bellasignorina would like to be dominated, used and abused properly in motels or in other public places.

Anyone who knows how to do it, day after day will get anything from me, whatever …

I’m not a mercenary or a mercenary person.

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[email protected]

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