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Fag Sissy


Blacksburg VA 24060, US





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I’m a FAGGOT – Don’t just add me…CONTACT ME –! 🙂

I LOVE the JOCKMAIL strap – it’s very comfortable and packages my cock and balls very nicely. It does hug my buns so they stand better. I would really like to find a jockstrap-like thing that will keep my cheeks spread and rounded as well leaving my shaft exposed (REALLY would prefer shaft AND BALLS exposed) – so if you know of such a thing drop me a message on where to find it.

Although I do love women (BBWs, SSBBWs and senior aged) I’m instantly turned on by another man that would just walk up and touch, slap or grab my ass. I absolutely love cocks/dicks and I do prolonged edge-sucking so I can relish that sweet precum. Of course I continue to completion because why suck a cock/dick if you won’t be swallowing?  I have a tight faggot-cunt that loves to be used hard. I have a big streak of submissiveness and a tad (or more) of masochism so bdsm can be in play with me.  Oh…I also love golden showers and being used as a urinal.

So I’m kinky – hows that for a FAGGOT 🙂

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