Candie Barr

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Fag Sissy


Charlotte NC 28277, US


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This is me – Candie/Curt from Charlotte, NC. Feel free to expose and reblog over the internet so i cannot escape being recognized by those who may know me in the real world. To further the degradation and humiliation, notify Candie/Curt where my pictures have been posted so i can see what the rest of the world sees. Email the location of reposts to me at: [email protected] Candie/Curt, who lives in Charlotte, NC (aka the “Queen City” giggle), is finally admitting what i have kept in the closet for the longest imaginable time and i am begging to be exposed over the internet so that everyone, even those who know me, will see me as i really am, a sissy slut faggot who loves Men and pleasing Them. i am known online as either candiebarrtv2 or SissySlutCandie. Candie/Curt is on Tumblr, Flickr, FetLife, Adult Friend Finder, Sissy Social, Google+, and more! His email is [email protected] . Candie/Curt shaves her legs, her underarms, her chest and stomach, and her hair around her sissy-clitty and boi-pussy (basically she is smooth from the top of her head down), has small little breasts with very sensitive nipples! Candie/Curt loves wearing panties, bras, pantyhose, skirts and heels and especially loves dressing in the style of a bimbo cock-slut, whitetrash whore. People who know him as Curt have no idea he has always enjoyed being with Boys and Men while dressed as the sissy faggot he really is. Candie/Curt also enjoys the humiliation as she is shopping for feminine clothing and sees the knowing looks from the salesladies who see Curt for the sissy faggot they know he really is. Candie/Curt has served Men she has met online and in local Charlotte area adult bookstores and she is overjoyed when They see him in his ultra-short skirt, lacy and frilly panties, stockings, heels, wig and heavy tart makeup! Even more, Candie/Curt enjoys seeing Their cocks get hard as she is made to model & dance for Them as They take pictures and videos to post online later. Candie/Curt knows as They roughly fondle her and she kisses Them and strokes Their hard cocks before taking them into his boi-pussy and then his mouth just further proves what a sissy faggot, cum slut whore he really is. More personal information about Candie/Curt with many pictures are available for your use at the websites : , , , , , , ,[email protected]/favorites/ ,[email protected]/ , , , , , , , I am Candie/Curt, a crossdressing sissy faggot queer from Charlotte, NC and I do hereby release all rights and ownership over any of my files, photos, videos, posts, and other information. All files, photos, videos, posts and other information shall be considered public domain and have no copyright claims attached and are available at websites listed above. Anyone is free to download and or redistribute in any manner they see fit, even for commercial use. Please save and expose all my pictures so they can never be removed and continue to maintain my exposure so everyone who sees them will know Candie/Curt from Charlotte is a cock-craving, cum-eating, ass-licking, piss-drinking homo sissy faggot who shaves her/his legs, wears panties and bras, loves dressing like a cheap slut and adores worshiping and pleasuring cocks. Feel free to enjoy re-blogging and reposting Candie/Curt`s pictures and videos so he cannot deny or escape being recognized. Further the embarrassment and humiliation by notifying Candie/Curt whenever she/he is spread over the internet. Use these suggested hashtags or make up your own and tell Candie/Curt: #exposed sissy , #sissyslutcandie , #exposed fag , #candiebarrtv2 , #humiliate me , #expose me , #humiliated fag #sissyslut #expose this sissy , #charlotte sissy , #charlotte crossdresser

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