Personality Type

Fag Sissy






36 – 50

About me

hello to all Masters and Mistress’s.

it is a life style submissive who started its slave life style at the age of 18 years old, because it has always been very passive and submissive at a young age and my cool stepmom kepted it in thick and noisy diapers ,plastic pants ,bloomers, rompers and dresses until the age of 18 and it loved being a big sissy baby all that time, it was home schooled and slepted in a big crib. My stepmom told me from now on it will be a slave to all dominiant Masters and Mistress’s and it will always obey all commands with out question that’s when we called two shemale Mistresse’s for a 4 hour session that became a weekend session it was completely feminized and dressed up as a French maid sissy who was locked in chastity and diapered again ,it learned how to be a perfect maid and servent slave also it learned how to give blowjobs and it learned to love the taste of cum