Robin Weis

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Fag Sissy




22 – 27

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Me, Robin Weis born at the 16th of January in Koblenz (Germany), needs to show the world what a horny and submissive faggot O really am. I love transforming myself into Hannah and giving this site a full drive. Just thinking of being dominated by a man – completely in the role of a woman – excites me very much.  Being a worthless blonde and worthless Sissy Faggot to my alpha male is my sexual most craved fantasy. Through the Sissy Hypnos I have learned to love cocks more and more over time and I adore them so blatantly!  Getting fucked really hard by a hard cock is my greatest sexual fantasy and desire.  Visually, I already give a pretty woman, but a real man has to show me what it means to be dominant and masculine, so that I can completely present myself to my submissive side.


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