James Butler

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Fag Sissy


36 – 50

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I like to be controlled and ordered around. I love being called a whore, slut, fag, etc. I absolutely love facials. I have a rape fantasy and fantasies about sucking cock in public for all to see. I'm a trans man and am pre op, so I still have a pussy that's always wet. I don't have much experience with men, but I know what I need. To give up control to someone who knows how to make me feel like a submissive whore. I have gangbang and blowbang fantasies, and I belong on my knees, or pinned down and mounted like a bitch. I think I need to feel submissive in order to feel right and survive. I deepthroat my dildo to get by, but it doesn't throb or pulse or feel amazing when I make it grow in my mouth. And, it doesn't explode all over my face. I must be deranged in order to want this treatment, but I can't not want to be ass up, face down, or spreading my legs for anonymous dick. I don't even need your first name. Just call me a faggot, and I'll hit my knees for you.


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