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i am a sissy fag looking to be humiliated by dominant men. If you enjoy picking on and humiliating a sissy fag i am the loser for you Sir.

Thank you Sir for ordering me to post this essay on licking ass:

All sorts of actions can be seen as being humiliating. Being made to answer Sir or master, being ordered to keep your eyes lowered, being assigned all the household chores by Master, or just being expected to be obedient can all be seen as being humiliating. Some tasks take on almost a symbolic aspect of humiliation such as shining and boots, traditionally seen as the base job of a servant or a slave. Hand washing Master’s dirty underwear (i must admit i enjoy it) is the same kind of duty. More overt acts such as kissing feet have a clear Master/slave dynamic to them.

Of the many humiliating acts possible butt kissing is well recognized for its humiliation potential. All manner of terms are used in day to day speech that refer to it. Kiss my ass, ass kisser, brown noser, asswipe, suck ass, butt munch, and many others. Everyone knows ass kissing is a display of inferiority. Licking ass is even more debasing and humiliating. Using your tongue to lick the anus of another person is about as low as you can go. When licking another persons’ asshole it is impossible to deny your own inferiority.

Sirs i am an asshole licker. It is appropriate for an inferior wimp like me to be degraded this way. There are many reasons for a slave to be ordered to lick assholes; for sexual pleasure, because it is itchy, to simply put me in my place, or most degrading of all to be used as toilet paper. Whatever the reason it does not change the fact that i am an asshole licker.

I have had a lot of practice being made to lick assholes for hours. With my face buried in an ass crack my whole world becomes that ass. The sweat, the hair, the musky odor, the bittersweet taste of the asshole itself. I lose myself in shameful abandon licking up and down the crack in long wet strokes. Then i work my mouth, lips and tongue probing my superior’s asshole as deeply as i can.

Sirs, as you read this please picture me licking Your asshole, as is the proper place for an inferior sissy faggot like me. You can be sure this sissyfag would lick your asshole just the way you like for as long as you demanded. This fag can picture herself doing just that. This fag’s proper role in life is to be an asshole licking bitch lave for you Sir