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Hello, if your reading this, thanks?

Do I expose Others? Yes but for $Tribute$. Why because I am good at it, I may make emails, make profiles, make captions. Most of those that tribute me to expose them appear in search.  You get the joy of being exposed and I get Gifts/Cash/Tribute. Its only fair, I mean if I feel like I am being taken advantage of I dontt do it. Dont say “But I thought you like doing it” Honestly I like exposing myself I tolerate exposing you, be honest in exposure of guys most ttimes its the exposee who gets the most gratifaction from it, so thats why. IF YOU DONT WANT TO PAY, OK THERE ARE OTHERS WHO EXPOSE FOR FREE GOOD LUCK  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED JUST ASK MY RATES, I REQUIRE PAYMENT UP FRONT

Do I expose myself?: Hell yeah I do. Unlike many here I expose myself and dont demand others do it. I simply say it would be nice if you can post me. But I do 99% my own. All the profiles of me are made by me. I post allot. Being honest I am more quantity over quality. As I don post many face pics.

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