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Hello, if your reading this thanks!

Do I expose others?: Yes, but most lets say 90% of the time I charge. So if your not into paying for exposure move along, if your so desperate and/or you scene my work and are willing to pay then great. But then again I do expose some for free but I have tot consider you a friend or you need to be like a sideshow freak something about you is so unique I cant stop looking.

Do I expose myself?: Again hell yeah. I expose myself all over, have over 200 pics just search fatasssmalldick and youll find me. But I dont do it to be ruined. I do it because I am an exhibitionist who enjoys being scene and commented on. I enjoy both good and negative comments. Unlike most here I do it myself but I do enjoy having help so if you want to help me or get on my good side spread me.


Exposure is another term for publicity, you want exposure you want publicity: Think of me as a publicist, which is why I charge I do good work I put time in. Some clients I do probono but not all. Ask yourself who gets enjoyment from seeing you exposed, YOU DO, Me not so much so in orrder for me to take time out of my life I need to get somehing out of it, I dont like feeling used. So I require tribute and no not cum tribute I mean financial tribute like gifts. OK I have a couple clients who can verify I do good work

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