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Are you into exposing others.

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About me

Hello, if your reading this well thanks.

Do I expose myself? Hell yeah, but to my standards, which means I dont show face. Otherwise yeah

Do I expose Others?: Yes, BUT some who I choose because either I got to know them or there something unique I know is exposable. Otherwise I CHARGE FOR EXPOSING OTHERS

My rates and rules for exposing others: $10 (well if you want to pay more thats fine) Upfront before I do anything for 1 post or page on any one site and one deletion (Either you choose what I post, or you give me free reign), if site doesnt offer deletion then the deletion is void, also i am only responsible for mine and deleting my post, if others share or reblog I am not responsible for deleting that

What Role am I?: Now I know most will see my name and got how can a fat small dick loser be anything but sub. But in truth ok to some I am sub, mostly Goddess, but as I am not attracted to cock I dont feel the need to obey guys so I am dom at least on this site haha.

But wait if I am not gay, why am I on ExposedFaggots?: I am not here for the exposedFAGGOTS part I am her for the EXPOSEDfaggots Part get it.

I also do hypnosis


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