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About me

Hello, if you taking the time to read this and to read about me. I just want to say thank you.

Why the username FATASSSMALLDICK?: If you really dont know its because I am  big FAT OBESE MAN with a big FAT ASS and tiny SMALL DICK. It stands out is kind of unique and puts my two key features out there. So thats why, look it up 90% is me.

Now why am I on this site

Do I expose others?: Depends, I mean yes I expose anyone who wants, but theres a difference between who gets my FREE EXPOSURE vs who has to PAY FOR EXPOSURE. I usually expose free my friends on here, or those I see potential in. But those who I dont expose for free like annoying ones, ugly fat (like me) ones who no one wants tot see, yeah theres a payment exposure method. I mean I dont force you to pay since exposure isnt mandatory its a privilidge so if you want my service that bad yep Ask for my prices and plans (I do it for cheap)

Do I expose Myself?: Hell yeah, unlike many hear, I dont beg others to expose me. I am sort of a dominant exposee. I post myself all over. But I am sort of a pussy coward in that I kind of do save exposing I rarelly post face but what I lack in quility i make up for in quantity. I have over 200 pictures out there on over 10 sites so yeah I do ok in exposing myself but always enjoy others helping out

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