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About me

Hello, I am a wierd crazy guy who you can tell by the username is a big FAT GUY with a big FAT ASS and tiny SMALL DICK.  I have to admi one thing, I am not a fag (or at least I dont view myself as one) because I am not gay, or desire cock. I am here for the EXPOSED part of ExposedFaggots I just want to clear that up

Do I expose Others? Yes and No. I have a dominant side and I do what the fuck I want. So when it comes to exposing others some just dont make the cut, some do, Some I expose for free like friends or people who are so unique that they are likea  freakshow and make me do a double take and I know theyd be worthy of exposure. But most I will expose for CASH AND GIFTS If you dont like paid exposure, move along

Do I expose Myself? Hell yeah I do. I expose myslef more then I do others. I am on so many sites, I do expose allot. I have over 200 pics sure aboutt 5% show face but still. I appreciate all who help me expose myslef. I think its more that I am an exhibitionist who enjoy attention but still
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