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About me

Hello, if your reading this, thanks!

About me: Obviously as username says I am big FAT GUY with a big FAT ASS and tiny SMALL DICK. I am an exhibitionist who loves attention. I enjoy people seeing and talking about me. I enjoy porn most in the topic of humiliation like femdom, sph and other. But even though I enjoy humiliation and have a small penis. I would say I am switch more dominant.

Do I expose myself: Oh hell yeah I mean look at my profile and look at my albums I post over 100 pics and many videos. You can find me all over just search my username haha

Do I expose others?  Yeah but for a $tribute$. I mean some lucky ones I do for free, but majority if they want me to focus on exposing them must pay. Think of me as a publicist your paying for my service to publicize you I charge because

1 I am good at what I do. Have many happy clients. Those pink exposure items, yeah I made them those spiral gifs me too so yeah
2 Most exposurers are 10% exposing and 90% dealing with people. Being honest most exposees wine about it, wine about there desires and inability to control there urges, be honest that describes you doesnt it
3 I dont enjoy exposing some as much as others. So exposees get more enjoy ment from there exposure. I mean its basic if the lights on you then why should I get excited more then you. So in order for me to come out even I need payment
4 Exposure is basic selling your a piece of meat and you want me to sell you.

So thats why I charge. Now if you dont want to pay and want to be exposed for free, then move along. If you dont pay then find someone else who will expose you for free. I am sure many are out there and I wish you luck on your search.

If your willing to pay my tribute to expose you: I charge basic plans of either $10 for one site, or $20 for 10 sites (but minus anyone your already on, I have pic with them so just ask) and 10 to remove or more complex for those not wanting an easy get out $20 to put on and a weekly maintance fee that unless paid in full youll be on forever.

How I accept payment/tribute?: I dont take paypal, but I do take amazon/ebay gift cards


Email address

[email protected]