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Hello, if your reading this, thanks!

A little About me: Well as my username states I am a big FAT GUY with a big FAT ASS and tiny SMALL DICK. I consider myself switch, but more on the dominant side. No I am not looking for a master, I am not attracted to cocks and it really doesnt effect me the size of it I mean besides feel small haha. I am more or less here because I am an exhibitionist and enjoy talking and being scene.

Do I expose others?: Yes and no, I pick and choose who I expose. Some I expose for free, some have to pay. So if your reading this and I havent contacted you and your thinking you want me o expose you well EXPECT TO PAY FOR MY EXPOSURE, IF YOU DONT WANT TO MOVE ALONG I except amazon, ebay or other forms of payment for exposure/items I make Send to my email

Do I expose myself?: Hell yeah, like I stated in about me I am an exhibitionist and I expose myself all over. But I do admit I do limit myself to no real info or face so I get some will say “Then thats not exposure” To those “Oh well” I post myself to many sites and I have posted over 150+ pics and currently 11 videos well 10 if you dont count compilation so yeah if you want to help expose me let me know. But unlike most here I expose myself and rarelly ask others

Other Sites I am on (If on add me)

BDSMLR: FatAssSmallDick FatAssSmallDick
Chaturbate: FatAss_SmallDick
Collarspace: FatAssSmallDick
Facebook: Chris Fasd
Fetlife: FatAssSmallDick
Flickr: TheFatAssSmallDick[email protected]/
Imagefap: FatAssSmallDick
Mewe: Chris Fasd
Pinterest: FatAssSmallDIck
Pornhub: FatAssSmallDick
Reddit: TheFatAssSmallDick
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Showitoff: FatAss-SmallDick
Twitter @FatAssSmallDick
Tumblr: FatAssSmallDick
Xhamster: FatAssSmallDick
Xtube: FatAssSmallDick
Xvideos: FatAssSmallDick

Hypnosis: I dabble in hypnosis I use mp3s and gifs so if interested let me know I have had some success. I make custom ones and have: Basic Obedience, Hocow inferior pet, Little Girl, Male2Female Sissy, Male Chastity, Bimbo Impotent Bottom fag slut,


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[email protected]

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