Goddess Morgana

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Dominant Alpha




28 – 35

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Goddess Morgana


About me

Hello! I’m Goddess Morgana and I am equal parts nerdy,eccentric,wickedly sadistic,creative and a Domme who will keep you guessing,excited and begging for more.

Fave Fetishes:



~Chastity training,enforcement & key holding~

~Total Power Exchange~

~Feminization & Sissification~

~Sissy Training~

~Food Play~

~Humiliation & Degradation~

~Assigning Homework,Writing Tasks, chores~

~Micromanaging things like bedtime,free time schedule,dietary restrictions etc~

~TV sessions~

~Role Play~

~Medical Play including enemas,adult diaper training,laxative play~

~Being spoiled of course!~

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I have a passion for FemDom,BDSM and pushing limits. I have many fetishes and kinks that go from the light end of the spectrum to the dark,edgy and intense end. I enjoy training newbies and love the challenge of battle hardened veterans of this lifestyle. I always put safety first and never engage in any activity that I have not properly educated Myself on and practiced. I believe in S.S.C-Safe,Sane and Consensual as well as R.A.C.K- Risk Aware Consensual Kink. 

I WILL NOT tolerate any requests for any illegal activities or interactions. I DO NOT offer sexual services of any kind including being nude in pics or on cam. Don’t ask- EVER! ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. DO NOT GIVE SOB STORIES ABOUT WHY YOU CAN’T TRIBUTE IN SOME FORM. A TRIBUTE ON FRIDAY DOES NOT A SESSION ON THE PREVIOUS DAY GET YOU. I’M REASONABLE AND FAIR SO SAVE YOUR WHINING FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

Besides the kinky stuff I live for books,movies,tv and trivia about those subjects. I love comedy,horror,sci fi, and adult cartoons like Family Guy,Rick and Morty, and Futurama. I love to soak up as much as I can about subjects like history,sociology,psychology,philosophy and random facts. I am not a stuck up type of Domme. I very down to earth most of the time when not in play mode. I am a native of Chicago now residing in rural western Kentucky. I do have a fiance who is also My number one slave and partner in crime.


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