Pippa Wheatley

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Fag Sissy


West Kilbride North ayrshire Scotland Ka239ag, GB


About me

I am Pippa pisspot aka Phillip Gregory Wheatley , born 2/3/1979 (40) of 23c orchard street west Kilbride north ayrshire Scotland Ka239ag. And I am a pathetic sissy faggot who loves cock cum and piss. I also love to be abused and humiliated and desperately desire total merciless exposure Literally everywhere and every way possible permanently forever to help ensure I must spend my life completely as a sissy Faggot with no escape. I’m so pathetic I’m begging for my full contact details to be posted everywhere in the hope people mail me used condoms or piss to drink, get in touch to abuse me or visit me. I was born in Sunderland and raised in millom Cumbria attending millom school (left 1995) barrow 6th form James watt college Kilwinning(2004-6) Napier university (2006-9) Strathclyde university (2009-11). My email to publish is and my phone number is 07476973899 my only limits are no kids. all pictures information media etc is hereby forever public domain please use it to totally expose and forever condem me to a life of sissy faggotry
Pippa pisspot