Sara SissyFaggot

Personality Type

Fag Sissy




36 – 50

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About me

I am a very effeminate man who likes to accentuate even more his innate femininity.

Area manager of an institution, I have the opportunity to stay in the office after hour, and at this time to dress as a woman.

I love being humiliated for really being an effeminate faggot.

I like to leave clues for people to understand who I really am.

I wear long hair, often gathered in a bun like a woman.

I would love to have my pix tributed and captioned and exposed!!!

At work I have an “in charge” position, but i would love to be feminized even more and to be forced to expose my feminity to people that can degrade and humiliate me.

Everyday I wear fully female underwear, and often with my toenails painted, with closed shoes of course (but I love to flash them sometimes)…


Office fetish:

As soon as I can, I take advantage of my managerial position in the office where I work to stop after hours and become “Dottoressa Sara”. In her shoes I do some work, wander around the offices making my high heels ring, and often masturbate because I find it very exciting!

Now and then, impersonating her, I try to create a believable scene through staged pix.

The friend who helps me to take those pix in office dressed up is very nice, so to reward him for the patience, I give him a blowjob at the end of every session…