Sara Italian Sissy

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Fag Sissy






36 – 50

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About me

I'm Sara, an effeminate sissy gay… and a part time transvestite.
I really love forced feminization with humiliation and degradation…
I'm also a fetishist of feminine hair… a man with all femme hairdo is one of the most arousing things for me!
At work I have an “in charge” position, but i would love to be feminized even more and to be forced to expose my feminity to people that can degrade and humiliate me.
I go in office wearing fully female underwear, and often with my toenails painted, with closed shoes of course (but I love to flash them sometimes)…
Sometimes I keep my ass well plugged, so i have to walk in small feminine steps (so humiliating)….
I try to wear longer hair, and sometimes to style it in a very femmy way….
With the help of a friend, sometimes I fully dress as a woman in office, after hours, and I get totally aroused…
The friend who helps me to take those pix in office dressed up is very nice…
To reward him for the patience, I give him a blowjob at the end of every session…