Mike Smentkowski

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Depends on my mood


New Jersey


Forked River


36 – 50

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  • I love shemale. Crossdresser transvestite cock

Shemale cock addiction

Addiction to shemale, crossdresser and transvestite cock and cum is for real. How do I know because I speak from experience. Once you have tried shemale, crossdresser or transvestite cock there is no turning back. Somehow and for some reason you become addicted and permanently changed for ever. For some reason it does something mentally and phsycologicaly to you. After the first shemale cock it's like you instantly lose all interest in pussy and will never be able to get hard for women or pussy again. This is a true fact anyone with the same experience that says different is either a liar or afraid to admit it. I am now glad to be forever changed

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