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I’m 62 years old, my height is 5’9” (175 cm) and my weight is 254 lbs (115 kg). I was born at October 15, 1957 and I live in 12043 Berlin-Neukölln (Germany). I’m divorced and I’m living alone. I’m a very submissive, ridiculous, fat sissy for many years. I’m male, but I’m not really a man. I never was able to satisfy a woman sexually because I ejaculated my sperm after a few seconds in the woman’s vagina or between her thighs at each coitus. I have had very few women in my life, I have had sex with a woman a total of 58 times. All my girlfriends and my two wifes cuckolded me. In August 1990 I had the last sex of my life with a woman. I had this last coitus with my second wife, she divorced me in autumn 1993. She had sex with countless strange men for years at that time. For many years I am a fat pathetic, uncontrollably masturbating, submissive faggot in effeminate bra, garter girdle, stockings and panties, which has lost all masculinity and self-respect and which offers itself to every man as a cocksucker and anal slut. I love being humiliated and ridiculed in public, and I love doing housework on my knees and getting my fat butt spanked. I am a very submissive faggot, I kneel down and beg for the men’s delicious sperm. I love to suck any cock and I’m ready to get fucked at any time and any place.