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Kik: xcdbuttslutx

I realized I loved cock very early. I started posting on Craigslist when I was younger and would fuck guys while still in school

I would expose my pictures and videos online in chat rooms, cam shows, and Craigslist. Grinder has made it Soo much easier.

BBC is my biggest craving. I love twerking for black guys.

My ass is always plugged while I do this. Once I started buying dildos online, I turned into a full butt slut. Bigger dildos to feed my “size queen” cravings. More exposure continued thought the years.

Now I’m at the point where BBC worship is all I want to do.

My passion for gaping my butt and dressing like a whore stems from an early memory where I was held down and dry humped by a group of older boys. After that I think I just realized I need to submit to real men and give my ass to BBC daddies.

It makes me proud knowing I can take a 10 inch cock in my butt. It fills that need I was born with that makes me weak to an alpha daddy with a big cock.

I have a girlfriend also.

She knows I’m a sissy. She has pegged me a few times and she often found my online videos and profiles.

I guess all I can do is submit this diary entry furthering my path down the sissy rabbit hole.

I’ll probably go too far this time and actually ruin relationships in my life.

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