• Never no posted an update in the group Group logo of Sissy and Fag wear bikini !Sissy and Fag wear bikini ! 5 months ago

    Astros disease now that we are women mini skirts dresses get our nails and eyebrows. Stay wax play doctor and transgender is to be able to do everything a woman. Does that would be like saying makeup free where can I take our time just like any other batch are lipstick and eyeshadow will match probably talked straight men will still stare see nothing but a huge breast I'm away from their wives a little bit and offered to sexually please married men never giving sexual attention they deserve I felt my mouth or my ass they probably want to hear my surprise pop.ed out my bikini 1 Marilyn Manson I feel like I'm obligated to jerk you that's why I f*** you let them know their friends will never have the slightest clue that was everyone seen this super sexy was a man so I definitely go with the idea of the you really going to become transgender

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