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Hi Everyone,

Well I first started wearing girls clothes just before 3 years old and I first went outside in a girls bathing suit at 6 years old. I wet my bed till the day I moved out and still do if I'm not wearing baby diapers which I do every single day and night. Lucky for me I've been super skinny my entire life so I've been able to wear real baby diapers since birth. I have never ever worn adult diapers and never will. Also I do not poo in my diapers I only pee in them. I live full time now for 10 years as a Sissy Baby Transvestite Fairy Faggot meaning I dress up every single day with extreme perfection from head to toe to look like a 3 to 4 year old version of Nellie Olsen from Little House on the Prairie. Basically I dress up to look and be as extremely girly girl and frilly with super poofed out sissy dresses as possible to make sure everyone is staring at me. Growing up I got caught outside almost every other day by parents cops and lots of neighborhood kids who were mostly around my age some younger and older and lots from my school and 90% on my street were girls who caught me outside in just Bra and Panties, Bikini bathing suits, dresses, Baby Diapers and they all sore they wouldn't tell anyone, so from 3rd grade through 12th grade every kid and teacher knew I was a sissy baby transvestite fairy faggot. If I'm not being humiliated or belittled, stared and pointed at and laughed at by everyone then I wouldn't know what to do because I've been taught since 3rd grade that I'm a Sissy loser faggot and born to be a spectacle for normal people to laugh at. Oh also I love wearing Babies diapers that are size 5 t that I find from dumpster diving at family apartment complexes'. I've been doing this since I was 10 tears old and still do, when I was 10 they built this huge apartment community behind our trak homes and I had friends that lived there. So when I rode my bike through there I notice this huge clear bag at one of the 9 different dumpster locations one day and I could easily see this bag had Bras, Panties, Slips and other girls clothes in it so I grabbed it and went into one of the covered parking stalls empty storage closets and I was in Sissy heaven. I started dumpster diving everyday and then I discovered these huge white bags with hundreds of the most sopping wet peed in babies diapers I've ever seen in my life. My parents did stop diapering me at age 13 and I still wanted to wear baby diapers. hahaha so I knew where to get them and I continued wearing baby diapers. Oh yes I got caught by my parents, friends even by teachers because I wore them to school too and let me tell you how extremely sopping wet with pee these diapers were. I was in one of the parking storage closets one day after school going through all the yummy baby diapers I just found and I couldn't believe how extremely sopping wet with pee they were, well I saw this empty fast food cup just outside the storage locker and I reached out and grabbed it. It was a 20 oz cup from A&W and just out of curiosity I held this one babies diaper over the top of the cup without squeezing it at all but just lightly touching it here and there and wow it filled that cup to the very top. Then I decided to taste the baby pee in the cup and oh my goodness it was really yummy so I drank it all and did this all the time. Oh by the infantilism has nothing to do with children, meaning we are not looking to play with kids, were hoping to find adults who will treat us like kids


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