Flo Diaz

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Depends on my mood


28 – 35

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Flo Diaz

About me

Okay, enough with the shy type it was a bait and this one don't work here.

You want it crude, you want it true and nude ?

1- Shy, I'm not I'm used to metaphorically wear masks and costume to bait losers and find real male.

2- I'm not gentle, pretty, obedient, scared or fragile. I'm twisted, perverted, poisoned, fearless and cursed as fuck.

3-For me, a man must have balls as big as their brain. What's it mean? You must know how to think twice, fast and smart and if you have a higher school degree than me it's better also more general culture.

Edit: Only Bigg Daddy Justin Kase, for is help making me a real sissy, can actually claim ownership as a Real Alpha Male on my body and call me his Lil' brat.

This applies with no restriction over time and other male can go fuck there self and suck my sissy clit.

[WIP because it's too late and i'm watching a movie.]

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[email protected]