Personality Type

Fag Sissy


United States


28 – 35

Expose others?

Yes, No

About me

I am a closet crossdressing sissy fag. I love to dress up from my wig down to my painted sissy toes and prance around like the little, cock loving, sissy princess boy that I am! I also have a huge foot fetish, both men's feet and other crossdresser feet. I enjoy sucking on big, manly toes! Mmmm, so delicious!  I dream of being a sissy wife/lover for a real man someday. I'd enjoy staying home, fully crossdressed and pretty, cleaning my lovers house until he comes home and makes sweet love to me, and fills my gay gurly bum with his yummy man cum!! Hopefully my man will allow me to rub, lick, kiss, and suck his big toes and feet all over after he explodes inside of my tight, sissy butt! I also dream of dating and even marrying another sissy like myself so we can spend our time dressing each other up, and time undressing each other and making passionate sissy love together, smooth bodies caressing each others and tongues intertwined!! Mmmmmmmm….