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“Respectable” professional by day….but love to just rip my clothes off and reveal myself as a pathetic slutty poppers-addicted cum dump who lives for cock above all else. Love being used and dominated by real men. Need to be exposed here so I can surrender to the life of a ruined cum dump. Love the idea I have to pay to leave the site….Will pay $$$ for banner exposure too

Tried dating and romance, tried to leave the exposure game, but I finally realized I'm just a slutty cum dump who DESERVES to be exposed. Just a 46-year-old slut who's good for one thing: Being a cum dump for cocks! I know I'll try and reform myself AGAIN but these pics need to live here for anyone who thinks  I'm worthy of anything more than cock and cum. I'll just be a chubby balding middle-aged cum dump for the rest of my life….All I do is work…and then take cock anywhere I can get it, photographed and filmed for all to see.

I'm a respected publishing professional and published author, so this exposure is intense….Ideally get blackmailed or owned so that I have to be a beck-and-call cum dump for any cock, with threat of exposure….Just imagine a suck bang, I'm leaking tears of agony as cock after cock owns my throat, my cock hard knowing I'm now a blackmailed slut and soon to be the biggest cum dump in NYC.

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[email protected]

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x-hamster (suckslut73)