Trey Albertson Harris

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Fag Sissy


Not even close to Denver CO 80111, US




About me

I am a cumwhore painslut who is giving up a family for exposure. Full exposure!

Figure out my real name, while I risk going to prison for identity theft!

(Hint: it’s NOT really trey!)

I cheat, and I lie. Then I lie some more, then I lie again! Am I a covert narcissist? Probably! Did I refuse to attend my last therapy session? Sure did!

Do I actually love my family? Fuck no! Just expose me! That’s ALL I care about! More exposure!

Did I promise not to send out any more pics or videos without my collar of ownership? I sure did! Do I care? Fuck NO! I deserve to die alone, and it’s going to happen soon, because I won’t stop drinking alcohol!

Do I care? Fuck NO!

Fuck my family, and fuck my husband and daughter in particular! I keep stealing from them, because they keep trying to love me, but FUCK THEM!

Look at me and love me! Nothing else matters!

Oh, did I mention I was abused as a child? Or maybe not, I may just be making that shit up to keep up the pretense of having a family to love me while I fuck them over.

Look at me! I’m pleasuring myself for you! (Well, actually for a “mistress” that I went to high school with, but who cares about details like that? Not my family, who had a car reposessed and the gas turned off while I was paying her 6K to get my jollies! Oh, and she wasn’t the first one!)

I like turning women into whores. That’s probably half the reason I keep trying to return to the small town of Norwalk Iowa where I grew up. Then other half probably has something to do with being sucked off by my barber at age 7. I’ll just supress that memory again now!)

Hey, look at me try to drink my own piss!


Well, that didn’t go so well. Hey! Look at me anyway!

Hey, look! My husband brought in other people for me to blow! He didn’t get any, but he was trying to save our marriage and family! But who cares about that — look at me!

Yeah, he never came back because I can’t really concentrate on pleasing anyone other than myself. But LOOK at me! LOOK AT ME!

Did I mention that I told my husband that I’d take his daughter away, and take half his income for the rest of his life? Never mind that, LOOK at ME!

I’m such a great human! Look at me!




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[email protected]

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