Jacob Mainord

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Fag Sissy


Las Vegas NV 89142, US


Las Vegas, NV


36 – 50

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About me

Submissive chubby guy. Raised very conservative and was married to a woman in my early 20s. Came out at 24, and knew I was interested in kink. Always had fantasies about being tied up. Got into some light bdsm but it wasn't until after my first m4m relationship that I got into exposure and humiliation. Was video chatting one day after my break up (2013) and this guy started making fun of me, then called up some girls and had them look online and i could hear them laughing over his phone. Turned me on big time. Since then have just gotten interested in more and more with exposure and humiliation. Regularly post on my Tumblr, but looking for people who will post and repost, hoping to hear from people and find Dominants to use me in person.

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[email protected]