Chris Howard

Personality Type

Fag Sissy


Aurora IL 60506, US


36 – 50




About me

Chris George Howard from Aurora, IL is a pathetic loser. A skinny, weak and dumb fag. please share my informtion, humiliate and expose me so everyone knows what a dumb weak loser faggot I am.

I love being humiliated it turns me on so much because i knw deep down i'm pathetic loser and a dumb faggot and it feels so good to get confirmation on that. I love being raped and beaten up by men. I love being humilated in public: pissing myself in front of alpha men and looking stupid and inferior. One of my greatest fantasies is to be beaten up, raped, kidnapped and taken somewhere to be used as a cumdump slave for the rest of my life. One of my goals in life is to expose myself so much on the internet that i show up on google images if someone searches “Loser, weak, or dumb fag”

My address is 391 Michigan ave Aurora IL USA
My email is [email protected]
My phone # is 219-241-9476

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[email protected]

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