I’d be horrified if any of them contacted me and told me how shocked and disgusted they were to find me displayed on the Internet like this. I’d just die of shame. Especially if they saw how much being sissified arouses me like this.


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  1. Author
    iamdisgraced 5 months ago

    My name is Jerry B. and this is how aroused I get when being exposed to the world as a pitiful, disgusting, cocksucking Faggot I am. Thanks for looking at my complete degradation. Thank you Master Ashton.

  2. James 5 months ago

    This is what a real FAGGOT looks like. Real faggots play with themselves, masturbate themselves, suck any & all cocks, take cocks up their asses, they want their pictures shared and reposted and reblogged all over the internet. They can’t help themselves. Pitiful creatures they are.

  3. sispig40 5 months ago

    MMMM I need to do this too

  4. doris_star 5 months ago

    my mom saw me in really in ours home when i has been fully dressed up and looks like real girl (check my profile) and she said: “ohh…come on..stop make you self faggot,someone gonna fight you and smack you head..then you stoped do that freake things…”

  5. Author
    iamdisgraced 4 months ago

    My name is Jerry B. and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you look closely you can see my wedding ring in some of these pictures. I wish someone would send a link to this post to my wife Linda so she could see me like this and also see how desperately I need to be exposed. But she would leave me and I would be ruined. Jerry B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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