New Fag to ruin

Hi there, im a new german Fag. My Name is Sebastian, 32 years old, and i need to be abused and humilated because the World needs to know what a worthless Faggot i am and everyone needs to know about my samll 5″ dick. Please feel free and do whatever you want! Exposure is such a thrilling thing and i cant believe that im really doing this to myself. Its so good to show the world what a Loser i am. Finally giving in an ready to be destroyed. You can call me, terrorising me, and of course i do pics for you to spread. Please make my life hell. i Have some toy to use too! How to contact me: Kik: dummdepp85 mobile: +49 15758468572 [email protected]
fag sebastian, why so serious

fag sebastian, why so serious

New german Fag Sebastian

small dick loser

new fag sebastian, peace

no peace for this fag


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