NEW: introducing FAG Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders is my REAL name (proof on Passport if asked) and I’m a total FAG.

Will meet in R/L to service men of all ages, ‘states’  and shapes. (e.g. drunk, homeless, 80++ y/old, handicapped)  I offer the full and unlimited useage of my body for Your pleasure.

It’s o.k. for anyone to use repost my pictures and footage. Website owners are entitled to use it for their websites, forums, for advertising and promotion. Don’t ask.. just do.

Will also make pictures/clips on request or by command, copyrights will be yours.

I hope to be recognised as a FAG and slave. Have a zip package available containing most of my media to use, only one download for all pictures and movies…how convinient!

FAG would love to take orders and perform them on video as proof of obedience.  Every cam session can be recorded and published.

So there you have it, go ahead  bully me, and make fun of me: I promise you, I won’t dissapoint you!

Skype:   voorwerp1

FAG slave Michael Sanders Address

FAG slave Michael Sanders

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  1. FAG Michael Sanders February 10, 2017
  2. FaggotFredCUMPIG February 10, 2017
  3. FAG Michael Sanders February 23, 2017

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