Michael Sanders is my REAL name (proof on Passport if asked) and I’m a total FAG.

Will meet in R/L to service men of all ages, ‘states’  and shapes. (e.g. drunk, homeless, 80++ y/old, handicapped)  I offer the full and unlimited useage of my body for Your pleasure.

It’s o.k. for anyone to use repost my pictures and footage. Website owners are entitled to use it for their websites, forums, for advertising and promotion. Don’t ask.. just do.

Will also make pictures/clips on request or by command, copyrights will be yours.

I hope to be recognised as a FAG and slave. Have a zip package available containing most of my media to use, only one download for all pictures and movies…how convinient!

FAG would love to take orders and perform them on video as proof of obedience.  Every cam session can be recorded and published.

So there you have it, go ahead  bully me, and make fun of me: I promise you, I won’t dissapoint you!

Skype:   voorwerp1

FAG slave Michael Sanders Address

FAG slave Michael Sanders

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  1. FAG Michael Sanders 1 year ago

    @Webmaster: Tank you for exposing me! Let the outing begin 🙂

  2. FaggotFredCUMPIG 1 year ago

    Well, FAGGOT, i think that you should walk your sissy faggot ass down here to Carolina. and when you get close enough, i will ride out to the interstate to meet you,in the day time hours, where in i will make you take off all your clothes, drop to your knees, pull my dick out of my pants and start giving me the blowjob of a lifetime. after 10 or 15 minutes of this, i will bend you overv the hood or truck of my car and begin a methodical ass pounding on your hot sweaty ass. when i get cliose to cumming, i will pull you off the car turn you around and cover your face with my cum which you will then spread all over your face and upper body to use as sunscreen for your walk back home. i will give you a tiny, tiny gstring and a pair of socks for your return trip, with a big sign around your neck that reads, I AM A SISSY FAGGOT COCK WHORE CUM SLUT! I WILL SUCK YOU OFF AND SWALLOW YOUR CUM FOR A RIDE OF FIVE MILES, OR YOU CAN FUCK ME AND CUM IN MY ASS FOR TEN! you will not be allowed to walk, the only way to get home is by those five or ten mile incrimates. Lets just hope that it is a very long way back home.

  3. FAG Michael Sanders 1 year ago

    Tank You for this wonderfull idea of proper usage of me, SIR! Would defenitely love to pull this off in real life, therefore it’s a shame we live so far apart… otherwise (…)

    But if You want I will go on the street wearing that sign and photograph it for You, SIR

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