As you fags can tell the site has undergone a layout change. This is mainly because the old layout would not display the fagpoints correctly.

You can now view your own fag points and the leader board right from the homepage. Your own fag points are at the top right and the leader board is down the bottom right.

The banner will be changed to display those who paid to be on it, and there will also be new spots up for grabs!

In a attempt to make this site more user interactive with the fagpoints and soon coming badges I thought it was best to change the theme to something which supports it. Although if you do not like it, and rather the old theme let me know in the comments and I will find a workaround. After all without you fags making exposures and viewing the exposures the site would not exist.

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Master Ashton, I like what you have done and have voted accordingly. I would like to suggest for the future when you are making changes that you consider having a member’s profile show first rather than the activity page. I prefer to know more about the person whose profile I am viewing before I interact with them or check on their activity.


nice cleary view….but i’m lost in new layout..difficult to find slef (browsing)on new view

gary wayne waldon

this is they lay out you chose so it is perfect MASTER

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