Now fags like me have our standing in the points count to validate our existence.  My only focus now is to earn more points, so I can demonstrate how much of a fucked-up faggot freak I am.


This is me trying to look surprised & exposed.

Me thinking I look great in a huge sagging diaper full of stale, ripe piss.

Me, trying to strike a dramatic pose in a huge diaper.


My real ID

Do you know what's happened in that public campground shower before you used it?  Do you really want to know??

Me, thinking I look cool diapered in the desert.

Me, wearing a huge sissy baby-print diaper wide out in the open.

 Me, thinking my ass looks great in a thick diaper.

  Me, more thinking my ass looks great in a thick diaper.

Me, accepting that my ass doesn't matter and its all about the ridiculously-thick diaper.

 Me, looking stupid in a thick diaper.

Me.  This is just me.

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