From now on all exposures MUST have text to accompany them. This means written text, not just text on pictures, there is a couple of reason for this rule which I will list.

  • Having some exposures with text and some without makes the homepage look rough.
  • Picturs are great, but without text they only expose your looks, not your info. If this was a hot or not site info wouldn’t matter, but it’s not. People want to know personal details such as name, city, age and all your social medias.
  • Search engines cannot pick up text on pictures, so it’s not enough having them on the picture it self.
  • Search engines will pick up posts with a lot of text before they will pick up posts with little to no text.

I will put a text warning on the new exposure page reminding people of this rule. If people just ignore it, instead of warning them I will just ban them. This site has enough faggots now that those who don’t want to put in the effort can go elsewhere.  Having more text on the exposures will benefit everyone as it will give the search engines more keywords to show this site under, which will ultimately bring more members and more views.

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Very dominant straight alpha. Overlord of all faggots on this site. Very short tempered with dumb faggots. Don’t ask me to expose you unless you have something to for me $$

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