Due to a complaint about the pay to remove feature. All new exposures from free members will be on hold for now. We are currently talking with lawyers about the next steps to take.
Please show your support in the comments below. We want people to know, people come and join this site willingly and post their own content becuase they want to, not because they are forced or told to.

Free members may still create exposures, but they will not be published for the time being.

Upgraded members can still create new exposures and get instant approval.
We are allowing upgraded members to publish exposure, as they have the ability to remove the exposure without paying the fee.
Uploading pictures to the galleries and to your profile will still work as normal for all users since these do have info attached to the pictures.
You can also still purchase exposure packages. But will be required to sign legal contracts before you get posted on the site.
imaqueer.com will still publish posts like normal.

Please enter banners and links.

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faggot studski

I am here because I want to expose myself. Legally this is allowed. Your not extorting as you make it clear that it is required to pay to have exposures removed. This is just another pathetic faggot who is making a scene because he can’t get his way with you. You have my support and I support your work 100%

fag ken

Jenna Fab

I am here to expose myself and love being to do so. No matter what happens you have my total support. Much love
Sissy jenna Fab

Sissy stevenflewitt

I am on here because I choose to be. I love this site and the exposure and humiliation it brings me . I hope this site will continue and I can post more of my humiliation and that we can keep going for years to come. Thank you Master Ashton for such a wonderful site.


i’m here was from curiously….excitetment pushed me deeper to become official member and being exposed..it addictive aroused and excited….that site connect many similar persons to enjoy each others fun,even meet personally,makes new friends…and yes i’m here for exposing self,make new friends,lovers as gay,bi sissy fag….share my kinks and fetishes…no illegal things,no lies…ithink my last post say it in good way…why persons like me are here….


Thanks for the update. A few ruin it for others yet again.

Jimmy Rican

Master you have our full support. It sucks when stupid people try to damage the way we all have to channel our urges.

Blair M Alward (Bluebear41)

That sucks. Its not extortion but legally there could be a fine line – but the site rules have always been VERY clear and whether on drugs or not its pretty straight forward. I get the guy probably freaked – but it is also $50 not $500 or $5000….maybe he is on drugs if he doesn’t have or is unable to pay the $50 removal fee. The site is basically free – but you do all the work and maintenance and monitor the chats – so all that invested time isn’t worth $50? That is disrespectful if you ask me… Read more »


i am here for the exposure, and expose myself of my own free will.

Andrew Lamb

I am here because I want to be here. I am enjoying exposing myself and continuing along the path of total humiliation and exposure. I like to be able to post my pictures and information of my own free will. Master Ashton, you have my full support.

Louise Feldmar

I support this site fully! It’s a great place for us to expose ourselves and I enjoy doing so! We do it at our own risk knowing we can’t remove our exposures without paying and we agree to that!! Hope I can post new pics soon xx

Michael Burggraf

I only want to be exposed forever and ever – evn when I am begging to delete my content – I even don’t want it deleted when I pay for it or when I am crying .
Best would be for every asking to remove my content it should be published to the world much more.
So please do not delete anything from this site !!!


Every Fag MUST follow Site rules!!!
We must protect our site and our Admin!!!


This is total bullshit. Someone got the temp site shut down because they couldn’t handle the exposure, and ruined the fun for everyone.
now someone is complaining about this site? WTF??? We do this of our own free will, and as someone else mentioned, the fact you have to pay to get anything removed is well documented in the rules. I also support you 100%


I am a member of this site because I want to be exposed here!
I accept the rules as everyone should! There is no going back once you are exposed!

Andrew S

It’s not difficult. Read the rules! Keep up the good work

Vivian Tootinyforher

This is bad news Master Ashton. I hope we can expose us here for free. You made this site for us. Thank you and keep fighting back.


Your comments – your SUPPORT our site and our Admin!!!

Sissy Miley

Ashton I support you. I love the freedom of this site. You made the rules very clear, there should be no excuses ♡

Xavier Desmadryl

I’m on this site out of my free will and I i love exposing myself. The rules of this site are clear. If he is able to read then he must have known this and by joining the site he accepted those rules.

Simon Hutton

I joined this site with the sole purpose of exposing myself to the Internet and anywhere else my pics ended up. Read all terms and conditions and there is definitely no extortion, coercion etc. all terms are clear etc. all exposures are voluntary

Susann Bornholm

I am here of my own free will to tell the world what a disgusting faggot I am. I fully support any decision made by Master Ashton to continue the existence of this fabulous site!

joe pescitelli

I am a faggot and willingly come to this site to expose myself. Nobody forces me too. Master Ashton allows fag to post my pics without any pressure. Thank you Sir


This site is specifically for faggots who either want to be exposed or (like me) are more voyeurs on others exposure. Either way, it’s entirely voluntary and anyone who posts here does so because they want to. The site should not be affected because one person had ‘buyers remorse. There are warnings on the site that if you expose yourself, you may be exposed…….not hard to grasp the concept!

Tara McLovin

I suspect another case of someone not willing to accept the responsibilities of there own actions. It always is someone else’s fault or responsibility-not theirs. The same people who think they are better then everyone else. They think the world is full of idiots and they are the best. BEST of luck with this issue


This is ridiculous. Exposure is a fetish shared by many. Everyone in here has either posted of their own free will or asked Ashton to post for them, knowing full well if they change their mind they pay a nominal fee for going to the trouble of removal. Part of the excitement is the inability to remove without asking admin. As someone who’s explored this fetish I can attest that Ashton is always true to his word and in no way has he ever attempted to extort me.

Sissy stevenflewitt

I am here because I want to expose myself to everyone as a sissy faggot . I do this for myself and by myself no one is forcing me to do this . I love this site and I love the exposure and humiliation I receive from posting my pictures and information on here. You will always have my support for this site 100%

Faggot Camilla

I am here because I want to be here, although I have changed my style of exposure since first coming on here. I have made a few friends here and love the site to be able to expose myself as a faggot and be in the company of like minded people. I’ve read the rules and think they are totally fair. you have my support Master Ashton

Douglas Blair

Tottaly my choice to post pictures of me.
My Choice to post pictures of me engaged in Homosexual Sex acts

Michael Kelly

i come here because its the only site i can expose myself without paying money. I come here because i want to and enjoy exposing myself. Its perfectly legal. The homepage states very clearly when you submit an exposure that each exposure is of yourself only. And speaking from experience, you are required to verify it is yourself youre exposing. Cant blame the site for someone getting cold feet. Thats their problem

sissy faggot slave jennie

If you’re not ready to be outed as a faggot or a cocksucking sissy faggot like myself then don’t post. Once you’re expossed there’s no going back anyway. Taking down your post won’t help it’s out there honey, just deal with it. I love the fact that on every search engine, when I seach “sissy faggot” my pics always come up.

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