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November 5th
Make this faggots day, by abusing the shit out of him!

[email protected]
(715 ) 817 -6322


Robert fatarse Erickson is a closet homo that craves humiliation and exposure! This disgusting fag is into being degraded, exposed getting his huge arse fucked by anything and everything….ofcourse this fag loves to suck cock… look at him I bet he sucks on anything he can fit in his mouth LOL. That's not it though…. he's also into wearing womens panties, womens dresses.. pretty much anything to make him look like a sissy…. Licking toilets, being a slave.. pretty much anything fucked up you can think off this faggot is into it! One dream of his that I suspect is going to come true sometime soon is to have a bowling pin shoved up his ass until its stretched till it can stretch no futher…. Looking at this fags images.. I think he's tried this several times before LOLOLOL. Make sure you let this fat faggot know what you think of him in teh comments, anytimes he sees or hears someone teasing or givng him shit he cannot hold back and has to jerk his lil dick until he explodes all over his fat gut!

This faggot told me a bunch of other shit as well, but honestly I got sick of reading it, was making me feel sick just thinking of this faggot getting dick… trying to hold back spewing right now. Ill paste eveyrthing he sent to be below.

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Shit i would love to find you laying nude is the woods just waiting for sex.

Robert Erickson

Next summer I will be doing several nude dares when I travel , we will have to find a woods near you that can be one of my dares just think after you find where my cloths were left maybe you decide to take them and make me have to earn them back doing all kinds of nasty things for you , and if I refuse you leave me there nude , is that a game you would enjoy

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