Sissy faggot slave joanna has been ordered to post by her Master and Owner, Master Frank. Sissy has been renamed by her Master, her former name was sissy faggot slave jennie. Sissy has been ordered by her Master and Owner to post to all of the groups and clubs she is a member of, to inform everyone that she is now the property of Master Frank. It all started with a simple email exchange and before sissy new it she was giving private information to Sir. It then advanced to sending scanned copies of requested documents and that quick this sissy faggot slave was ensnared. Sissy then foolishly agreed to sign a consensual blackmail slave contract and was ordered to write a letter of obedience. Both have been printed and signed and tomorrow they will be mailed to Master Frank. Sissy faggot slave joanna must admit she finds it all some what scary but a total turn on. To be really kept locked in chastity and feminized by a Real Man is a total turn on that makes sissy so horny. Master Frank has made it clear that this is not a game, and has already ensured that sissy has no chance of escape. Face it when most sissies get what they are looking for they chicken out from fear. Master Frank has made sure that this sissy has no way back. In a way this is so relieving knowing that sissy must no longer search for a Master, and taking away any chance for second thoughts. Sissy never had the willpower to train herself to stayed locked in chastity and learn to have anal only orgasms. Now Master Frank has assured her that this will happen. Sissy thinks that everyone will be seeing a lot more of her from what Master Frank says.

sissy property

sissy badge

sissy wants big tits

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Such a sexy sissy slut

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