My ass whipped well by my Chinese top 2010

After I was outed at work fifteen years ago, I was embarrassed and humiliated by the experience, but also experienced some sexual pleasure form the verbal and other humiliation I felt.


I continued to get dominant men who would whip, punish, and humiliate me. I think this came from childhood when both parents would use nudity as a punishment, and dad would take his belt tom me when I was nearly or totally naked. As mom often instigated those whippings, she would sometimes be present well into my teenage years.

As I reached and passed puberty, these whippings began to give me some sexual pleasure and I would sometimes intentionally try to get whipped. After it started my mind quickly changed, but later I would masturbate at the memory.

TO this day, I still get that mix of embarrassment, humiliation, but yet a slight sexual pleasure at being exposed as a submissive faggot.

David H from the hills of WVa.

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