PantyboyCraig Godi sissy faggot exposed.
My name is Craig Godi aka pantyboyCraig or eatsmanjam, and I'm a submissive panty-wearing cocksucking little-dicked sissy faggot new to this group, but not new to exposure. I have images and videos on various sites – Tumblr, Flickr, Lifeout, Xtube, Squirt, Growlr, Grindr – I'm sure there are others I've forgotten about.
I've always been submissive, sexually but didn't discover my sissy side until a few years back. I started with panties, soon discovered sissy hypno videos and moved up to tights, pantyhose, bras & stockings. It wasn't long after my collection of panties and sissy pix began to grow, that I was outed to my partner, by our 3rd. He found my sissy pix on the computer and told my partner. I put up with a lot of teasing from him and the 3rd for months. Once he realized I was still wearing my panties, and had stopped wearing briefs all together (thanks to the sissy hypno vids I found online). He knew it wasn't a faze, and said if I serious about being a pantyboy sissy, that I'd need to start painting my nails – colors on my toes, and clearcoat on my fingers…because my job had a strict dress code. So by early January 2012, I was painting my toes, and in a few months I was buying lingerie. I didn't have to hide that part of me at home anymore, and while it wasn't a turnon for him, he accepted it. In 2016, I started buying women's socks and shoes, including a couple pairs of heels.
I know most sissies tend to be smooth, but I'm not trying to pass as a woman, and I feel being a masculine (beard & body hair) / feminine panties & lingerie) hybrid shows that I have failed as a man, and never quite lived up to that standard…for further proof just look at my little dicklet and how nicely it fits in a cute pair of panties. Many Real men seem to enjoy the masc/fem contrast when they see my exposure pix and like having me on my knees or on my back as they use this faggot for their pleasure.
This collage shows off 3 different outfits I put together earlier this year. I found I like collages, because I wasn't constrained to showing only 3-5 pictures in a profile. I could arrange and layer many pictures together showing different outfits, a variety of panties, hosiery, clothed, nude, lingerie, hard, limp, and so on.
If you have any question, please let me know.


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Greetings Craig. Nice to see you here.

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