Pathetic Sissy
Paula Greenwell. has many many pathetic faggots/sissies. Paula Greenwell is no doubt amongst the most patehtic of the lot! This sissy lives to stroke his lil clit to sissy porn. He will legit not leave his shit hole appartment for WEEKS on end, doing nothing but stroking his lil clit. He will not have interaction with anyone! No ansering phone calls, emails or even knocks on the door. As soon as his disabilty payments come in, he is quick to spend it all on sites like this, so he can show off how pathetic he is.

There isnt much personal or contact info for this pathetic sissy, but as if anyone cares. No wants to know where this sissy lives or how to contact him LOL. And even if they did, Ms Paula would be too busy stroking her lil clit to respond to any messages LMAO.

You other fags may be wondering why this pathetic slut of a cunt keeps getting her exposure pushed to the front of the site…. well you be assured this lil sissy is going broke AND loving it!





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