Paul greenwell had a couple weeks break from the exposure game. He thought he could stop exposing himself and playing with his little clit all day and night thinking about how pathetic and worthless he is.

Now he’s back and craving the exposure more than ever! He was stupid to think he could ever get away it. He knows being exposed is all he has to live for, so he might as well make the most of it!
His goal is to be the most pathetic sissy the internet has ever seen!@

Nothing makes paula greenwell more happy, than having people abuse and humiliate him. It doesn’t matter who, as long as hes getting humiliated and shamed out for being the disgusting faggot he is hes happy! LMAO

Pathetic Sissy
Paula Greenwell.

Today is the day Paula Greenwell has been practicing for! Like many other places around the world, Australia is now on lockdown. Luckily for Paul Greenwell he has spent a good portion of his life locked in his bedroom masturbating.  He sometimes goes weeks without talking to anyone, and just watching sissy porn jerking his lil dick.
Lockdown will not effect this faggot at all. He was already getting disability pay from the government, so no job to be fired from.  He can go about isolating himself from everyone jerking his lil dick in his dark room just like it’s another day HAHAH

You other fags may be wondering why this pathetic slut of a cunt keeps getting her exposure pushed to the front of the site…. well you be assured this lil sissy is going broke AND loving it!







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Sissyfaggot whore
1 month ago

this is the most exposed ive ever been nothing even close

Claudio Brambilla
6 months ago

stupid and pathetic sissy fag!!!!! very good!

6 months ago

Inspiration to us faggots

Matthew Pettineo
Matthew Pettineo
6 months ago

Haha very nice

7 months ago

Pathetic in the hottest way 🙂

8 months ago

paula greemwald. love this pathetic sissy profile. such a sexy faggot

Sissy FuckToy
8 months ago

I love her! She’s cute!

8 months ago

so pathetic…even not worth to watch this fag:) and one question? why he masturbate like real men? he is total loser-should use only 2 fingers for it 🙂

mark kessler
8 months ago

always such a pathetic sissy fag inspiration

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