So today was a humiliating yet fun day as MasterSirBoss pimped me for just £10 an hour to a local guy and gave him a few tasks that we had to complete today.

Firstly Master had him film me walking in a diaper, frilly sissy dress, baby bonnet and dummy. We did this is a busy local car park.

I have to admit that although I was scared of doing it, it was actually hilarious. Even more so when a guy walking his dog stopped to watch me it was funny as fuck seeing his face watching me in stunned amazement.

Next it was time to put my boi top on and get a pic of me next to a car in my top and diaper.

Back at my house the humiliation continued as the guy pissed in my diaper both front and back and had me wear it whilst I worshipped his socked feet. What then followed was a session of firsts for me beginning with some breath control. It was one of the horniest experiences I have ever had and we did several bits of breath control using a white carrier bag. This happened while I was still in the piss soaked diaper, in between giving him blow jobs and when I was made to wear my rubber shorts

I was then tied down to a footstool and given 50 strokes of a leather belt as instructed by MasterSirBoss which made my ass sting alot. I wasn't expecting what came next though. The local guy attached pads and electrodes to my ass cheeks and began giving me my first taste of electro the varying pulses of electric energy were amazing! I was in ecstasy and could not help but laugh through it all. It was absolutely brilliant fun and would definitely do it again!

Lastly I worked his cock some more before he took me upstairs and kneel in the shower. He proceeded to piss over my rubbered body then ordered me to suck his cock again. Finally he shot his load over my face and left me kneeling there as he went downstairs dressed and left.

A horny, fun and humiliating morning. Thanks to the guy concerned and thank you to MasterSirBoss for pimping me out again.

I am not at home this evening horny as hell writing this unable to do anything to relieve myself!

Remember you can now use the widget on the blog to buy a monthly payment plan to add a set amount of days to my chastity sentence every month. All days bought increase my suffering but more importantly all money goes to MASTER so you will keep a smile on his face.

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Dumbass been ExPoSSeD

sissy ella

great story but the pics are gone!

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