I sucked 12 cocks, licked 7 assholes, swallowed 9 loads from hard cocks and licked up another 6 loads off the booth floors, was naked in the booth for 4 hours, then I cruised each booth for used condoms and found 13 used ones on the floors full of cum, I took them to the toilets and went into one where the floor was covered in pissy toilet water and pubic hairs, it was disgusting. I stripped naked and wore 2 metal cock rings, a metal butt plug up my ass and my slave collar, I started by playing in the toilet water and huffing poppers till I was so horny I filled the condoms with toilet water and deep throated them and swallowed the Cum and Piss down my throat. I pulled them out of my throat to dip them in the toilet water and let it drip into my mouth and deep throat them again. I played more with the condoms and then got on the floor and rolled around in the pissy toilet water then licked up and dragged my tounge thru it even the grout lines that were full of piss water and pubic hairs while I huffed the poppers more, I licked the toilet clean outside and inside, under the rim and lapped and drank from the bowl. finally I got the filled condoms and bit a hole in one and let it drip into my mouth and all over my face and body as I jerked off and shot my load on the floor, I then licked up my own sperm and cleaned the entire floor till no piss or water was left, my mouth was full of pubic hairs that I chewed them and swallowed some. I cleaned up and left the glory holes only want thing to come back and do even more sick perverted sex acts.

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Excellent exposure


omg..i can’t belive…you are the bigest pissing faggy cum whore on the world…gosh… congratulations:)

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