Im super drunk and want to be exposed online as a true webfag! im super shy and insecure as a gay sissy webfag. i want to wake up tomorrow and panic that someone might recognize me on the internet! please expose me and repost me everywhere. i recently gave up on pussy and am completely gay! i started watching gay foot worship videos and jerking off, im so fucking drunk gay

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Michael Sullivan

Its smart you gave up on pussy early in life. I wasted time and did not discover the love for cock until my forties! You kids are so lucky with the internet we did not have! Women make it too difficult to get their pussies so why waste time on that shit! You will find that the less you look for and want pussy the more it cums around. Meanwhile, gobble the wonderful cocks!


I agree with Michael, wishing a young sissy fag like you all the best!


so hot!

Robert Matamoros- Bobbie Sissy Whore

Thank you. How do you like to have fun!

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