Normal kinksters don’t like it when people “steal” their photos.  For a fag like me, who needs exposure, degradation, and humiliation it’s a rare joy.  I wish people would “steal” my pics and spread them all around.  Unfortunately. I’m just a middle-aged, pathetic diaper fag & very few people are interested in my content, no matter how extreme I try to make it.

Occasionally, someone is kind enough to take my pics and make them theirs, then to use them as they wish.  These people are my Gods- I worship them.  By “stealing” my pics, they validate my existence.  When I’m really lucky, someone will use my pics and add humiliating captions, or even better might discuss how much of a freak I am.

I am so pathetic that the greatest measure of my self-worth is how often total strangers are interested enough to want to laugh at, expose & humiliate me.


This was the first one of my pics “stolen” & re-captioned- it’s still one of my favorites:


Then someone used a few of my pics for a dom son/ sissy diapered dad storyline:


Robert turned around to see his son Nate standing there in shock. Robert had thought he’d gotten far enough away from their camp site so that he could change out of his diaper before his son woke up without him seeing.

“What are you wearing?”

“I, uh. Listen, son, this isn’t what you might think it is,” Robert stammered.

“Well, from here, it looks like you have a diaper on,” Jake replied.

Robert couldn’t find words. His face grew red with embarrassment at having been discovered by his son this way.

“Well, come on, Dad,” Jake said as he grabbed his father by the hand. “Let’s go back to the tent so I can change you. It looks like you’ve loaded that thing.”



After they returned home from their camping trip, during which Nate learned his dad Robert had been secretly wearing diapers during the night, Nate established a new order at the house. As long as it was just the two of them at home, Robert was to remain diapered and be dependent upon Nate for changes. It was extremely humiliating for Robert, but he put up with it because of the leverage his son had over him.


One weekend while they were both hanging around the house, Nate noticed his father walking by and said, “Diaper’s looking pretty heavy there, Dad. Looks like it’s changing time. Lie down over here while I go get the stuff.”

Robert sat on the carpet as instructed but had had enough of this humiliation. He thought he could make it to the bathroom if he crept quickly and quietly enough, but Nate caught him.

“Where do you think you’re going? I said it’s diaper changing time, so you better get that poofy butt back over here before it ends up over my lap.”


During Robert’s designated nap time (Nate had instituted this additional rule), he was feeling restless, bored, and resentful. He kept flopping around on his bed.


Robert had accidentally left the door slightly ajar when Nate had sent him to his bedroom to nap today. Nate’s friend Brad was over, and as he was walking down the hall, he passed by Robert’s bedroom and had to do a double take when he saw his friend’s dad’s thickly diapered butt in the air.



“Nate, what the hell is this?!” Brad shouted. Nate came in the room, and he explained the situation, while Robert sat on the bed mortified.

“He was supposed to be napping,” Nate explained as he placed a hand on Robert’s squishy diaper. “But, since you’re here, you can help me change his diaper.”

“What?! No, son, this has gone too far,” Robert protested.

“Be quiet Dad and let us change you.” Nate pushed Robert onto his back and untaped his diaper. “Brad, could you hold his ankles?”

Brad helpfully held up Robert’s legs as Nate proceeded with the diaper change.














And a few more:


The best is this.  Imagine how pathetic you must be to get banned from a site devoted to ridiculing internet freaks!

& after I was banned:


Mod edit: Kyle Blebjorn submitted this post by himself. We are retaining it for public awareness. Discussion will be restricted.

So, let me get this right. . . kiwifarms is a forum where people find freaks online, and expose & ridicule them?

It’s like heaven for a freak like me. I have my kinks, and I want to be exposed & humiliated, but I don’t like to “inflict” my fetish on innocent bystanders. A venue where I can be abused by willing participants seems to good to be true!

But I also get the sense that this community likes to find & expose freaks, but when freaks come here looking to be exposed it’s not really welcome. I get it- it’s fun to expose freaks against their will, but it’s squicky to participate in doing exactly what the freak wants in order to get their thrill.

Maybe that makes me even more of a freak- that I would actually come here looking to be ridiculed ;)

Oh well, whatever. I’m here. I’m a pathetic fag addicted to wearing ridiculously-thick diapers & exposing myself.

For example:

For what it’s worth, the fact that I’ll never be able to delete this is freaking me out and thrilling me all at the same time. Nothing to do but hit the “Create Thread” button, and I’m exposed forever ;)

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    Kyle Blebjørn 2 months ago

    More self-promotion. Please validate my existence by viewing and/or sharing my exposure.

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