I am a dumb faggot and want to be humiliated extreme and blackmailed.
The Idea is very simple but I need some encouragement to do this.
With my ex girlfriends I alwais was the dominant part. They know me as an sadistic master. I did really bad things to them and I want them to see what a dumb faggot I really am.
It would be great If someone encourages me to post their email adresses here so everybody will be able to blackmail me by threaten to send them this form. I am sure that I will be stupid enough to do this if you make me horny enough and it will be great fun. I will post the real email adresses in a exposure here because this will be the real kick for me.
Please share other Ideas for blackmailing me and if I like them I will make an exposure

Please humiliate and blackmail me – please, please download the form and threaten to spread it everywhere.

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