Being an utter sissy faggot i actually know that i must be available for both genders:

  1. For the real Men in order to be Their naughty little wanking model, Their most submissive Cock sucker, and not to forget Their eager little fuck toy…
  2. And for the Women to laugh about me and my ridiculous clitty but also to lap all Their wonderful Pussies and to clean Them from Cum…!

Yes, i am public domain … and of course my pics and infos are as well!

sissy moan


sissy moan wearing her favorite attire and doing what she can do best: diddling her pathetic clitty while she actually enjoys to be in public…



sissy moan while she is cumming into her feedingbottel. And as allways she won’t miss to swallow every drop after it… (Oh, and don’t miss the plug in her cunny where the real Men use to go in and out…)!


sissy moan waiting for her Mommy to check her undies … and to lead her to Daddy for being properly shagged as the slut she is…!

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8 months ago

You are so beautiful

sophie sissy ho
11 months ago

wow you look so femme and you use make-up like a real women should do , bravo

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