Richard Crowe & Social Media

Richard Crowe is probably the most exposed faggot of all time. You can find him on all the usual sites, from tumblr to XHamster: naked, cock erect, masturbating and even spewing his cum. What else would you expect from such a dedicated queer and faggot?

But what of his relationship with the internet and, particularly, social media as a ‘civilian’ and in his non porn life? What does that look like? What happens when his two worlds collide and what might that look like ultimately?

It’s all thin lines, it may happen any day, some of it already has. This post simply seeks to explore and present the possibilities. Be great to be there, a fly on the wall, when the shit actually hits the fan and those two worlds go head-to-head…don’t you think?




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  1. sdma56 August 17, 2017
  2. Christofer Döss Sex Exhib August 17, 2017

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