Richard Crowe is a homosexual, a faggot who allows himself to be stripped, humiliated and degraded by other men for their pleasure and the pleasure of any who care to watch. It is Richard’s guilty secret that he enjoys the humiliation too when it is executed in front of younger males and teenagers. he likes them to see his penis rise and harden as they spit in his mouth and face and jeer at him. In this series Richard allows himself to be stripped and bound to a chair naked by four other men. They proceed to torment and fondle his body in a way most self-respecting men would find invasive and highly embarrassing, especially as a small army of photographers take pictures throughout and a number of other men watch. Eventually the men turn their attention to Richard’s penis, arousing him to full erection quickly, squeezing his balls hard and stroking his exposed glans. And it isn’t long before the onlookers and photographers are watching Richard’s sperm spurt from his cock and dribble down the insides of his thighs…

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sissy faggot slave jennie

Oh you’re so lucky. 🙂


you fucking FAGGOT!! you need to do a series where you are forced to suck all of their cocks and lick and et everybodies assholes as well, before all their cum spurts and lands onyour fce and in your mouth, before it dribbles off your chin and down your chest, BITCH!!

sissy faggot slave jennie

Yes that would be Hot!

Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil

I’ve wanted to do that to him since I was 13. Used to wank off for hours thinking about this exact situation, more or less, only it was me and my brother and my cousin with Richard stripped and tied in the hot seat

Christofer Döss sexual exhibitionist

That is so hot!
I am Christofer Döss the Swedish sexual exhibitionist and cum eating cock sucker aka the bisexual life enjoying nude model nakencrille and I really love being sexually exposed online!


Maybe you could do it in the video too. Thats hot. You are naked and tied up and after that some people start touchibg your body and play your asshole and dick and balls. And make you feel useless and being true faggot


Hot fag

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