Richard Crowe is a very rare bird indeed. Apparently straight, married with kids and all the trimmings of a very respectable English gentleman – he's public school, civil service,  Olympic Games etc – yet seemingly determined to ‘out' himself as a faggot and a queer. He wants everyone to see him naked, his cock, at the very least, erect and dripping and often shooting spunk. I have never seen so many postings of any one guy as I have of Richard Crowe. So here are some more I found of him being the total faggot he seems to long to be. I guess some guy, a Master, should really take him in hand and give him the beating he deserves and craves…

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Richard Crowe is a homosexual, a faggot who allows himself to be stripped, humiliated and degraded by other men for their pleasure and the pleasure of any who care to watch. It is Richard's guilty secret that he enjoys the humiliation too when it is executed in front of younger males and teenagers. He likes them to see his penis rise and harden as they spit in his mouth and face, jeer at him and hurt his balls

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