“please humiliate and destroy me. https://www.facebook.com/michael.kramer password xxxxxxxxxxxx. You can hijack it easy while I am kneeling here handcuffed behind my back unable to do anything.”
is the description of my newest gallery at the website temporarily exposed. The gallery will be there at least 15 minutes but can be extended for 15 minutes with a mouseclick by every viewer.
I can't believe that I done this. I uploaded a lot of humiliating pictures, my public expose agreement and a photo of me with my details written on it at temporarily exposed. Then I made my facebook account and the password public in the gallery description. I encourage every visitor to hijack my facebook, then post the link to my gallery and change the password, making impossible to delete this.

I made my webcam public so everybody can verify that I do this for real.
Then I clicked the “maybe” button and instantly cuffed my hands behind my back while watching the countdown. Now my hands are behind my back and my balls are tightly chained to legcuffs. Impossible to stand up and reach on the desk. Keyboard and mouse are far out of reach.

It was absolutely overwelming when I just lost my 50/50 chance and the gallery was uploaded
I instantly came and it was blasting my mind.
high above the desk are the keys frozen in a really big block of ice. I will take at least 6 hours until they get free. They will fall on the table so I will have to get them without my hands. I have a real big ballgag in my mouth so I won't be able to get them with my teeth. This will be great fun.

On my monitor and my laptop I watch my facebook account and temporarily exposure simultaneously waiting in terror for things to come.
I will be able to see this happen and I am sure it will be absolutely overwelming. I am doomed and same time get horny like never before.
6 hours left, 12 views, 2 opens and more to come. The fun begins.
Please help me and encourage me to do this

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