Comment below other sites or blogs you like to be shared on. If everyone shares their favourite sites I will be able to make  A page listing them all for everyone to see. Then you can go through the sites sharing your pictures and exposures. Hopefully this will help faggots go VIRAL.

Please do not comment your own tumblr blog, I have already have a page for those.
Also please do not comment any temporary exposed sites. I feel if you are really into being exposed you should not want it removed after A set time limit, and I created this site for those who crave exposure.

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Daddy Jim
2 years ago

Plenty of “boy fags” exposed Complete outings

2 years ago
2 years ago

every pornsites…. 🙂

2 years ago

Yes, that would be very cool if I fagot on so many pages as only goes exposing superhot

ExposureForm-JB2 - Copy.jpg
Dimitris saridis
Dimitris saridis
2 years ago
Dimitris saridis
Dimitris saridis
2 years ago
gary wayne waldon
2 years ago

think i’m on all of them lol

Kyle Blebjørn
2 years ago

Deviant Art is one of my favs:

Kiwi Farms is cool too, but they don’t seem to like people who WANT to be exposed. It’s mostly a bunch of assholes who get off by finding and exposing weird people who don’t want the attention.

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